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Jimmy doesn’t really do anything he just hangs around the house all day with Liam, making smoothies, acting like he’s the kids’ new dad.

3x01 El Gran Cañon

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Who the hell is Bucky? The Winter Soldier… by inutomboyo

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So I’ve been sitting on this gifset for a while, trying to think of how I want to parse this.

Maybe I’m following the wrong blogs, but I just do not see enough meta about Natasha’s story arc in this movie. This scene here is, to me, one of the three critical moments for Natasha that are the reasons she ends up being the one to release all of SHIELD’s data to the world.

As follows (quotes paraphrased as I don’t have the script):

  1. The first critical moment comes on the Lemurian Star, right after Batroc throws a grenade at her and Steve. They end up sitting on the floor and she says, “Okay, that one’s on me” and Steve replies “Damn right it is.” Her reaction to that isn’t disdain or frustration with Steve, it’s very clearly a form of disappointment — she’s upset with how Steve views her, his opinion of her. Sure, I’m reading a lot into that expression, but I think it is pretty masterful of ScarJo to show that side of Natasha in such an ambiguous way. The take-away here, however you want to describe it, is that Natasha’s unhappiness has less to do with being nearly blown up than with her working relationship with Steve. He doesn’t trust her, and that burns her.
  2. The above gif’d scene, where it’s clear that she’s pretty shocked and upset to hear Steve admit that previous to their current situation, he would NOT have trusted her. It’s a blow for her to realize just how she’s been perceived by those she’s given her complete trust and faith to. 
  3. The scene where Fury’s survival is revealed is the final one, where Natasha reacts as if to a body blow when she realizes that Fury didn’t trust her, but he did trust Maria Hill. Earlier when he was “dying” it was clear that she’s somehow emotionally attached to Fury, and whatever reason you want to concoct for that, the fact is that she clearly believed that he did trust her…but he didn’t. My opinion of her reaction shot at the reveal is that she’s not angry about it, she’s heartbroken.

What I believe this all points to is really well reflected in her line to Steve, “I don’t know everything, I just act like I do” (paraphrased), and then reiterated in the truck ride where she talks about being the person she needs to be, as opposed to who she is. 

In other words, Natasha is so good at being “whatever you need me to be” that it is exactly what the people who know her best expect of her, and accordingly don’t feel like she’s trustworthy because they don’t know the “real” her. Meanwhile she has been operating on the belief that they do know the real her and so therefore do trust her. 

It’s like…a double blind situation, where both parties aren’t privy to the truth, even though they think they are. Everyone up to and including Fury “knows” that Natasha is a spy and nothing she says can be trusted; Natasha “knows” that the people she trusts see through that mask and trust her in return because they know the real her. She goes around in this movie constantly surprised and disarmed by the fact that her closest friends/co-workers doubt her loyalty. 

So in the end, when Pierce is asking if she is ready for her past to be revealed, she is so fucking ready it hurts. She knows it is the right thing to do, but putting that on top of the experiences given above, it’s easy to see that she felt she had to do it for herself too. 

Can she be trusted? You’re damn right she can, and she was willing to burn down her entire world to prove that fact to the very people she thought knew it already.

*Stands up and slow claps for this!* Alllllllll this.

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Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both schoolyard and battlefield. Barnes is the only Howling Commando to give his life in the service of his country.

Bucky Barnes » Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Anonymous wondered,

Okay, so there are 2 possibilities: 1) Steve spends years fruitlessly looking for Bucky - or - 2) Bucky's recovery is rushed and takes place in the timespan between TWS and the next film... (They are both horrible options for completely different reasons.)


Okay i was actually going to do a post discussing this.

The first option isn’t horrible. It’s really not, because they really wouldn’t be able to do Bucky’s whole recovery in a satisfying way in one movie.

Bucky knows how to disappear, he’s a ghost, so it’s not completely out of the question that Steve can’t find him for a while, even a couple years.

I think it would be a smart move to have Bucky partially recovered when he returns, while still needing assistance. In the sense of a movie, when they’re given limited time to develop characters, it honestly makes sense for them to skim over at least the search and part of Bucky’s recovery, especially considering that after AoU, Chris Evans currently only has two movies in which Steve can interact with Bucky.

Like the Russo Bros have said that there is a focus on their relationship and how complicated it is, it’s going to be the heart of the next film, which kinda communicates to me that Bucky is far from fully recovered, but I think it’s realistic that Bucky might stay away deliberately and learn himself on his own first.

I would love a whole movie of Bucky recovering with Steve, but aside from the general time restrictions of a movie, I also think it’s really important that Bucky establishes some form of independence on his own as well.

I trust the Russo Bros. and Co., and I trust them that when they choose to skim over some stuff, they will still deliver with what they do give us. They will still give us something amazing and heartbreaking. Like the fact that people are…doubting that the Russo Bros and Co will do the best with what they’ve got? Considering the first two Cap movies?

Just…one of my biggest pet peeves is the fandom’s assertion that Bucky needs Steve to recover, which isn’t the case. He needed Steve to break the Hydra programming, but Bucky isn’t helpless, he isn’t broken. The people in charge confirmed that they will focus on Bucky and Steve’s relationship, I doubt they’re going to skim over things that they do include.

Just coz we won’t be getting a full 3hr featurette of Steve and Bucky crying on each other, and Steve giving Bucky a bath and stuff doesn’t mean we aren’t going to get the really important things, like some of Bucky’s recovery and Steve’s reactions to that.

I have really, really, really high hopes and I trust the Russo Bros. I would trust the Russo Bros to make a movie of my life, and I trust them with my faves.

[shrugs] They’ve confirmed that (platonic) Stucky is gonna be a big focus of the next film, and I’m trusting them.